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Just as the sun and sky are in eternal unity of love with each other and creating a beautiful dance in their relationship, so is this story about Sonny and Skyler.  They truly see each other on the soul level of divine love.  On this journey, they grow together as they discover their love as divine spirits living a human life.

Sonny and Skyler have harnessed some of their multi-dimensional talents to see energy, heal energetically, speak by telepathy, and communicate beyond the veil.  Though not common place among most humans, it makes their life journey very interesting. 

This book offers examples of how to play with, heal, see, and understand energy, and live from divine heart based love.  Sonny and Skyler portray this essence of heart based love and how it has a way of transforming one’s life and their environment, which in turn is transforming and helping the whole. 

-This is a beautiful self-help book that brings such an awakening and self-awareness, but wraps it up in a FICTIONAL ADULT ROMANCE STYLE giving it a fun and sassy flare!  J.F.

-I have found this is not a onetime read but rather a multiple read to receive the continued benefits of soulful messages throughout this book.  Plus I’m a romantic at heart and just fell in love with this couples journey.  I would really like to see it as a movie!  J.P.

-Every chapter is loaded with wisdom valuable to the story-line and the characters spiritual yet fun, flirtatious, sensual journey but also very valuable and applicable to one’s everyday life.  M.L.

-There are wonderful real life lessons and much wisdom in this book that can be applied to anyone’s daily life.  J.M.

-This book taught me the appropriate strategies to change my thought process so I could attain inner-peace and acquire healthy relationships with those I'm meant to share my life with. C.F.

-This book will be a word of mouth phenomenon! C.M.