Christ Light Energy  is used to assist in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is used on any ailment, from headaches to broken bones, to cancer. It is also a wonderful self-improvement tool. A Christ Light Energy session works to rid negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are blocking one’s natural flow of His light and heals them. It is very powerful, yet gentle. There are no medical contraindications for the use of Christ Light Energy. It can compliment and improve the effectiveness of all other types of conventional or alternative therapies and interventions. Many people describe the effects of a session as a wonderful sense of peace and well-being. Each person’s experience is unique and every session for an individual may be different than the one before.

Pain and "dis-ease" result when this energy is low or blocked by physical, emotional, or spiritual distress.  Unlike traditional Reiki where a practitioner is tapping into "universal energy," Christ Light healing connects you to your emotions, and your "dis-ease" through God. By connecting to His energy, we reach the highest and clearest source with the highest authority. It is not the practitioner's authority, but by God's that a healing takes place. Christ Light energy is administered by a gentle “laying on of hands.”  Practitioners place their hands on or slightly above a client, and act as a funnel for His healing. This process removes blocks and balances the person’s system to promote the body’s self healing ability, and to provide a sense of peace and well-being.  Clients are fully clothed and relaxed in a comfortable position during a healing session.

Many people describe the effects of a healing treatment as a wonderful sense of peace and well-being. Christ Light healing raises the positive energy level within and around the physical body where heavy thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the heavy energy, thoughts, and "dis-ease" to break apart and fall away. When blocks are removed and healing takes place, your body will begin operating on a higher level of efficiency and begin releasing the stored toxins.

and well-being.  Clients are fully clothed and relaxed in a comfortable position.

My Energy Healing Journey:

In 2007 my husband and I went on an Alaskan Cruise with Psychic Sylvia Browne.  As we sat in the audience listening to folks ask questions to Sylvia for guidance with their life, she had told a lady; "You are a natural healer."  "You should take an energy healing class such as Reiki and help people through that healing practice."  The lady seemed confused and so was I as I didn't have a clue at the time what she was talking about.  Sylvia then asked the crowd of over 500 people; "How many of you have completed some form of energy healing class?"  Over half the hands in the room went up and that moment transformed my life into the beauty of the metaphysical/quantum physics arena.  

When we returned home from the cruise I researched many different forms of energy healing.  I found a Reiki Master teacher and completed the Usui Reiki Level I, II, III, and Master classes.  A year later I completed the Kauruna Reiki Courses with William Lee Rand, President of the International Center For Reiki Training.  In 2009 I attended a week long retreat with Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, where we all learned Deeksha.  In 2012 a goal off my bucket list was accomplished when my husband and I took a trip to gorgeous Sedona, Arizona.  While there I completed Reiki Shamanic Drumming and Reiki with Crystals at the Infinite Light Healing Center.  Through out the years I have self studied on several other healing modalities such as; reflexology, LaHoChi, Reconnective Healing, Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) Access Bars, Rain Drop Massage Technique, and in 2014 I completed a Jin Shin Jyutsu class.  

Every experience was very precious, needed and necessary to my spiritual journey.  

In 2013/2014 I started to receive messages from Jesus to let go of many of these healing modalities and to no longer focus on traditional forms and ways of Reiki healing energy but rather on the pure white light energy.  It was a relief to me to hear this when it came to Reiki because I always had a difficult time remembering each Reiki symbol, what they were each used for, when to use them, etc.  I struggled in moving my thoughts aside to not focus on thinking of or about the symbols, hand placement, etc.

For what I believe are bigger picture reasons, I was not meant to remember the symbols the routine, and every detail to all the modalities etc., but to remember that everything is energy.  Everything caries a vibrational frequency and that we can change those vibrations.  I was to remember this part of my essence.  This is a part of everyone's essence as we all have the ability to energetically heal. I wrote a very simple energy healing exercise for anyone to learn, practice and do into Chapter 4 of my book; "When Sonny Meets Sky".  It's a great place to start for anyone interested in learning to energetically heal.

I and all of us are always evolving so I now work specifically with this Christ Light energy ONLY.  "This is Simple! but VERY POWERFUL and PURE"  is what Jesus told me, and I couldn't agree more.  

I offer personal and distance Christ Light energy healing sessions at $1 a minute.  Please contact me if you are interested in a session at 715-216-5625.  

Love and light Angel Of Joy Blessings,