Welcome to my internet home, here's some fun information about me.  I am very happily married to my wonderful Husband Rod in our home town of Antigo, Wisconsin. We have two amazing teenage boys that keep us busy with their active schedules. We also have our fun furry boy, Peanut who is a Yorkshire mix. 

My past work experience was a 23 year career as a Customer Service Representative for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  A few years ago I left my employment to care for my elderly parents more full-time as my mother had Alzheimer's and in May of 2015 transitioned into her eternal glory.  (I love you eternally mom!)  I am currently a self-employed stay at home mom and I continue to assist in the care of my elderly father.  I'm also a volunteer for our local Hospice Unit.   

I've always been interested in all things mystical which has taken me on a new-age spiritual journey for the last 15 years. I've attended numerous spiritual retreats and I have completed several alternative healing therapy and angel intuitive classes. As a result I am currently a Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Angel Intuitive, Philosopher, Spiritual Group/Retreat Organizer/Facilitator, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and a mystically inspiring writer with my book "When Sonny Meets Sky".  Which was inspired via a sensual euphoric dream I had in February of 2014. I realized after journaling out this very vivid dream that it would make a fun story.

 While in the process of writing  “When Sonny Meets Sky” I discovered, a wonderful way to write about my multi-dimensional self through these fun characters. Rather than a traditional memoir I feel my angels knew this route of sharing my multi-dimensional self would make it a lot more fun and creative for me as it has allowed my inner child to have fun and be very creative.  Even though the characters, and some of the other material are fictional, several chapters share personal mystical experiences I’ve had, things I’ve discovered and learned through the years on my self-discovery journey at various spiritual retreats/classes, or nighttime dreams and meditative visions that have come to me.  All of which have helped me grow and expand in various ways in my life. My hope for this book is that it will help others do the same.  So I’ve taken the realness of many of my life experiences and created these wonderful fictitious characters to help pass on my spiritual message to my readers in a fun, creative, and impactful way where one will receive teaching, healing, inspiration, and entertainment with a focus on discovering one’s multi-dimensional self.  :)  

I also enjoy being of service to others by utilizing my natural talents of energy healing and intuition through various forms.  Please see my Angel Intuitive Page for further details regarding angel readings.

I love the Young Living Essential Oils.  If essential oils interest you, please see the Essential Oils Page on this website for informational links about essential oils,  how to order, and/or become a Young Living Essential oils member. 

I also love the Norwex cleaning products and how amazing their Enviro cloths clean by just using water.  These products have saved me money, and cleaning time.  In learning more about how we are all affected by many chemicals each day in our cleaning products, personal care, health care, dietary products, etc. I agree with Norwex's mission statement which is; "Improving Quality of Life by Radically Reducing Chemicals in our Homes."  Amen to that Norwex and by using their products I am doing just that.  If these environmental cleaning products peak your interest then please visit my Enviro-Cleaning page, which provides a link to my Norwex Consultant Website where you can learn more.

I am in great gratitude to all whom visit my on-line home.  I am ever growing with my talents, interests, and business development so please stop back often and please feel free to contact me.

With blessings from Angel Of Joy energy! :) 


Cheri Schedlbauer - "Angel Of Joy"